About Us

Specialized CPT brings a higher standard of professionalism to the concrete and post tension industry.  With an expertise in the design, development and construction of commercial and residential projects, Specialized CPT’s fundamental knowledge of all aspects required to complete a project is reflected in it’s ability to recognize the ever changing needs of the project from all points of view. From the Developer to the Architect, to the General Contractor and his sub-consultants, this overall incite and expertise to the operation of a project developments team and the ability to deal with each, is what sets Specialized CPT from your basic concrete or post tension provider. Specialized CPT excels in creating relationships by building upon the fundamentals of trust, integrity and a level of professionalism that is not normally seen in the concrete industry.

Specialized CPT saves both time and project costs in two ways. First we get involved in the process of a project early to identify any problematic design issues by completing a thorough review of the construction documents. We help the project team identify potential field issues between our discipline and others whom will come into contact with our work. We can also suggest and implement ways to modify the proposed structural foundation system to cut overall project costs. Our team of engineers will then create a new set of working drawings and specifications that can be inserted into your permit set. We then have the ability to incorporate this revised design development with professional execution in the field with experienced project management. All of this is done at less cost to the project than simply moving forward with the original design intent. Due to this, Specialized CPT sets the standard of how concrete work is done.