Development, Design and Construction

Specialized CPT is a Post Tensioning & Concrete reinforcing Contractor, specialized in conventional and post tension foundation design and concrete reinforcing installations for commercial and residential projects.
Specialized CPT will assist the Architect and Engineer in the development and design process of your foundation system. Our intent is simple; reduce your concrete and related foundation material costs by efficiently engineering your project, thus reducing your overall bottom line. We then help coordinate these drawings with the other trades to insure cohesiveness in the documents. At the end of the process you will have a set of newly or revised signed and sealed drawings ready for construction, and piece of mind that one of the projects most critical tasks has been professionally coordinated and planned.

Specialized CPT will then provide excellent project management service and implement the design in the field at a set cost that is on or ahead of your project schedule.

Concept 'Team'

Specialized CPT is foremost a 'Team Player', and we deliver a ‘Service’ with what we like to call 'Concept Team'. Concept Team is the belief that a project is most successful when all members of the project work hand in hand. We believe in working well with all members of the development team, from the Owner to the sub-contractors, as well as  vendors and city officials, and that maintaining a higher level of professionalism is what sets our work apart from all others. We believe the quality in our projects is the result of sincere dedication and effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution through teamwork.

Specialized CPT, is specialized at building relationships, let us show you how we work.